Here at the Gun House we offer expert knowledge and quality repair work from many of our on staff gunsmiths. We can repair most any rifle, shotgun and or pistol you may have so please come on down to The Gun House and have us take care of firearms. If you have any question regarding repairs or any of our services listed below stop by or contact us via:


Phone- 269-982-2810

Gunsmithing Services
(All prices are labor rates only, parts are not included in quote.)

Basic Saftey Inspection of Firearm: 5.00 per firearm

Insurance Appraisal's Starting at: 10.00 per firearm 
( Rates and prices vary on rarity or uniqueness of firearm in question & the amount of research required) 

Professional Scope Mounting & Bore sighting (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol): 25.00 

Complete Disassemble & Clean: 55.00HRLY

Modification of Firearm: 55.00 HRLY
(I.E. any installation of modification of manufacturer and non manufacturer parts)